In the refineries Peroni has solved a great variety of problems, from the pumping of hydrocarbon condensate and slop oils to bitumen and heavy oil with suspended particles of ashes, soot or catalysts.
Peroni pumps have mainly been supplied for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrofinishing, visbreaking, dewaxing processes and, more recently, for residue gasification and heavy oil upgrade.

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Bahamas Oil Refining Co. - Bahamas
Baiji Refinery - Iraq
Bongaigaon Refinery - India
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Ceska Rafinerska  - Czech Republic
Dalian Petrochemical Co. - China
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Vietnam Oil & Gas Corp.- Vietnam
Viscolube - Italy

Titano 31.40Q Quintuplex Pump for Wash Water in a Hydrocracking Unit, China. Capacity 20 m3/h, discharge pressure 195 bar.

Titano 31.40Q Quintuplex Pump for Water Injection in a Hydrocracking Unit, Russia. Capacity 31,8 m3/h, discharge pressure 166 bar