Residues Upgrading & Gasification

Residues Upgrading & Gasification

Since the mid-1990s Peroni has been designing and manufacturing pumps specifically studied for: residues upgrading (Axens - H-Oil, Chevron Lummus Global - LC-Finer,  EST – ENI and BP Veba Combi-Cracking VCC processes); residues gasification (GE – Chevron Texaco and Shell processes) for IGCC installations or syngas production.
Peroni has developed specific solutions for these services, solving the problems connected with solids content, high pressure and very high temperature of the fluid (up to 450 °C), obtaining the complete satisfaction of the End Users also in consideration of the very long life of the wear components.
Similar applications have been faced and successfully solved also in the Coal Industry for coal gasification (ConocoPhillips process) and coal liquefaction (Synfuels / Fischer-Tropsch and Axens processes).

China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corp.- China
CNTIC Nanjing Co. - China
Eni /Agip - Worldwide Locations
ExxonMobil Chemical Company - USA
ExxonMobil Singapore - Singapore
Fujian Petrochemical Co. - China
GNFC - India
GS Caltex - South Korea
Isab Energy - Italy
Jilin Chemical Industrial Co. - China
North West Redwater Partnership - Canada
Opti Canada - Canada
Pemex Refinacion - Mexico
Petrochemia Plock - Poland
POSCO - South Korea
Sarlux - Italy
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum  - China
Singapore Syngas - Singapore
Slovnaft - Slovakia
Synfuels China Engineering Co. - China
TAIF-NK - Russia

Charge oil to gasifier pumping unit for an heavy oil gasification plant. The unit is designed to handle heavy refinery residues (capacity 38 m3/h, delivery pressure 93 bar, fluid temperature 316 °C) and includes a PTO 3/160 Triplex Pump frequency converter controlled, double lubricating circuit, packing flushing system, steam tracing to pumping head, dampening system and installed with a sound proof cabinet.

Titano 31.30 Triplex Pump for Catalyst Transport Oil  in a residue upgrading process - Korea. Capacity 5 m3/h, discharge pressure 215 bar, temperature 229 °C.