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Multihead PR Plunger Pumps

Multihead PR Plunger Pumps


The pumps of the PR Series are triplex, quadruplex and quintuplex metering plunger pumps for very high pressure process applications and are available in two sizes.
The most important characteristic of this series is the crankmechanism, designed to house in one frame 3 to 5 plungers with a single drive shaft.

This solution involves a very compact construction and allows the installation of units with many pumping elements in limited spaces, as normally requested in off-shore applications.
Pumps arrangement
All the pumps of the series can be coupled among them by an orthogonal axes gearbox to obtain units with up to 20 pumping elements.

Each pumping head is independent from the others, thus allowing different fluids to be pumped simultaneously by one pump only. Stroke can be adjusted independently for each pumping head in a continuous range from 0 - 100%. Each pumping head can be equipped with a shut-off pneumatic system controlled by a remote signal.

Capacity control systems
  • Manual control, with pump stopped or in operation
  • Special design with 0 - 100% stroke adjustment contemporaneously for all the plungers while pump is stationary or running
  • Manual or automatic control of the above arrangement, with pneumatically or electrically actuated positioner