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Simplex PD Diaphragm Pumps

Simplex PD Diaphragm Pumps


The series is designed adopting hydraulically actuated double sandwich diaphragms with intermediate vacuum chamber lined with an oil film. This is the solution for handling any hazardous fluid and when stringent environmental regulations have to be met.

The series includes 4 sizes of pumps: the main characteristics relevant to crankmechanism are the same of the PD plunger series.

Hydraulic circuit and diaphragms
  • Driving plunger without seals
  • Standard execution with PTFE or stainless steel double diaphragm, sandwich type
  • Monitoring of diaphragm rupture with local or remote control on request
  • Relief valve, easily accessible for routine maintenance, incorporated to prevent any damage to the pump in case of accidental overpressures
  • Internal recirculation valve to restore the driving fluid if the safety valve opens