Our Company

Peroni Pompe S.p.A., founded in 1895 in Milan, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of API 674 high pressure reciprocating pumps. With over 125 years of experience, it offers customized solutions for critical applications in a broad range of industries.

Our pumps meet API 674 and API 675 standards, with power ranging up to 2500 kW and pressures up to 1500 bar. Peroni Pompe has been a pioneer in high-pressure technologies and is known for its expertise in offshore installations establishing itself as a trusted partner in the industry through open communication and collaboration with customers. Our strong brand value and market leadership are the result of our technical knowledge, devotion to customer, and exceptional overall customer experience .


Peroni has significantly invested in its production plant, ensuring complete vertical integration of the manufacturing process to guarantee superior quality standards. The firm has also committed to energy-efficient practices, in particular becoming energy self- sufficient through the adoption of photovoltaic power generation. This emphasis on quality, through both innovative practices and stringent manufacturing oversight, ensures that Peroni pumps stand out for their superior performance and reliability, marking them as technologically advanced within the industry.

The company holds certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, TR CU010, TR CU012, NORSOK, NACE highlighting its dedication to quality, safety, and environmental management in product and service provision. Furthermore, Peroni boasts decades of collaboration with leading Certification Authorities in the marine sector, including ABS, DNV, BV, CCS, NK, KR, among others, evidencing its prowess in meeting rigorous industry standards and client expectations.

Know How & Innovation

Peroni has consistently allocated substantial resources towards research and development to enhance its products and devise innovative solutions that tackle market challenges. These solutions undergo rigorous testing for feasibility and reliability, including simulations and experiments conducted in the R&D testing facility, as well as through collaborative field trials with customers.

Peroni Pompe has a long-standing tradition of developing customized and innovative solutions for high-pressure, critical situations, a practice that extends back to its pioneering work in the fertilizer industry during the 1950s. This commitment to meeting customer needs continues today, particularly in emerging sectors such as energy transition.