In the complex operational ecosystem of oil refineries, the deployment of high-specification API pumps, specifically reciprocating pumps, is essential. These pumps facilitate various critical processes, enabling the efficient conversion of crude oil into marketable products. Within the demanding environment of oil refineries, the selection and application of refinery pumps must adhere to stringent standards of reliability and conservativeness. The precise engineering and customization of these pumps are driven by the specific requirements of individual refineries, influenced by feedstock characteristics and process demands.

Reciprocating Pumps in Oil Refineries

In the complex operational environment of refineries, reciprocating pumps, including plunger, steam-driven, and process diaphragm designs, are indispensable. These pumps serve a broad spectrum of applications critical to refinery efficiency and safety. Plunger pumps excel in high-pressure applications such as wash water injection and hot catalyst transfer, delivering unparalleled pressure management and operational efficiency. Steam-driven pumps utilize steam power for ultra reliable operations, ideal in case of viscous fluids and in emergency shutdown applications. Meanwhile, process diaphragm pumps offer leak-free handling of hazardous or toxic substances, prioritizing environmental and workplace safety.

Peroni Pompe Experience

Peroni pumps have predominantly been utilized in processes such as hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrofinishing, visbreaking, dewaxing, amine unit, residue gasification, and the upgrading of heavy oil.

Peroni's expertise in refining applications has led to the development of pumps that not only meet but exceed the operational requirements of modern refineries. These pumps are designed with a focus on quality and reliability, capable of handling the specific challenges posed by different refining processes and feedstocks. By delivering tailored pumping solutions, Peroni supports refineries in achieving optimal efficiency and reliability, essential in the high-stakes environment of oil processing.

The choice of pumps, particularly those engineered by Peroni, reflects an understanding of the nuanced requirements of refinery operations. The ability to process a diverse array of fluids—from volatile hydrocarbons to viscous, particulate-laden oils—demonstrates the essential role these pumps play in refining operations. As refineries advance technologically and strive for greater efficiency, the strategic selection of specialized pumps will become increasingly vital.

Refineries - Peroni Pompe

Location: Hydrocracking Unit (China) - Service: Wash Water - Pump: Titano 31.40Q Quintuplex Pump - Capacity: 20 l/h - Delivery pressure: 195 bar

Refineries - Peroni Pompe

Location: Hydrocracking Unit (Russia) - Service: Water Injection - Pump: Titano 31.40Q Quintuplex Pump - Capacity: 31,8 l/h - Delivery pressure: 166 bar

Amerya Petroleum Refining - Egypt
Bahamas Oil Refining Co. - Bahamas
Baiji Refinery - Iraq
Bongaigaon Refinery - India
Cairo Oil Refining Co. - Egypt
Ceska Rafinerska - Czech Republic
Dalian Petrochemical Co. - China
Dragon Aromatics Co. - China
El Obeid Refinery - Sudan
Eni /Agip - Worldwide Locations
Gdansk Refinery - Poland
Hellenic Petroleum - Greece
Hindustan Petroleum Corp. - India
INA - Croatia
Indeni Petroleum Refinery - Zambia
Indian Oil Corporation - India
Jordan Petroleum Refinery - Jordan
Kuwait National Petroleum Co. - Kuwait
Kuwait Oil Company - Kuwait
LPC Hellas - Greece
Madras Refinery - India
Mangalore Refinery - India
Maraven - Venezuela
MIDOR - Egypt
Mobil Jamuna Fuels - Bangladesh
Motor Oil Hellas - Greece
NATREF - South Africa
NIOEC - Iran
Nynas - Sweden
OAO Naftan Refinery - Belarus
Oil India - India
OPTI Canada, Nexen Petroleum JV - Canada
Pertamina - Indonesia
Petkim - Turkey
Petrobras - Brazil
Petro-Canada - Canada
Petrochina - China
PO Kirishinefteorgsyntez - Russia
Rafineria Nafty Glimar - Poland
Reliance Petroleum - India
Repsol Quimica - Spain
YPF - Argentina
Rosneft - Russia
Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia
Scandinaviska Raffinaderi - Sweden
Shell - Worldwide Locations
Singapore Syngas - Singapore
Sinopec - China
Ssangyong Oil Refining Co. - South Korea
Tamoil - Switzerland
Taneco - Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Total - Worldwide Locations
Tupras - Turkey
Vietnam Oil & Gas Corp.- Vietnam
Viscolube - Italy


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Reciprocating pumps

Peroni Pompe’s production range includes Plunger Pumps, Steam Driven Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps, Metering Pumps.

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