The Process Diaphragm Triplex Pump is a fixed-stroke reciprocating plunger pump that handles process fluid through a diaphragm operated by an intermediate fluid. The plunger's reciprocation displaces oil in the pump chamber, causing the diaphragm in the pump's front end to move. The process fluid is then drawn in and expelled via the diaphragm's alternating bending motion, preventing the fluid from contacting other pump parts or the atmosphere.

These diaphragm pumps are variants of the Plunger Pumps Series and use standard power ends and liquid ends with hydraulically actuated diaphragms. They are ideal for handling hazardous fluids when stringent environmental regulations must be met or when leakage-free plunger solutions are not acceptable for the project.


The power end used is identical to the one used for the widely recognized API 674 Titano and PTO/PQO/PSO Reciprocating Plunger Pumps.

Liquid End

This series of double diaphragm pump incorporates a hydraulically actuated double diaphragm with an intermediate safety chamber. The patended DELTA liquid end design's key features include:

- Unique geometry minimizes pump size and weight, ensures high liquid end rigidity under severe loads, reduces clearance volumes for improved volumetric efficiency, and decreases the required oil volume to actuate the diaphragms.
- A standard execution with a high-strength modified PTFE double diaphragm of the sandwich type.
- Diaphragm failure monitoring system.
- A proprietary diaphragm shape and assembly system design that prevents stress concentrations.
- An incorporated relief valve, easily accessible for regular maintenance, prevents accidental overpressure damage.
- An internal recirculation valve restores the driving fluid if the relief valve opens, with an active push rod controlling diaphragm displacement under high-pressure suction conditions.

Advantages of the Series

The Process Diaphragm Pumps are designed and manufactured following applicable API 674 and ASME standards, ensuring high safety factors for all pump components. This approach leads to a robust and secure construction with minimal life cycle costs. Specifically, Peroni Process Diaphragm Pump is designed for offshore applications, with footprints reduced by up to 25% compared to pumps from other manufacturers.