Peroni's dosing metering pumps are engineered to the highest standards, conforming to API 675, to deliver precise fluid management in various applications. The PD Series, inclusive of both Plunger and Diaphragm Pumps, aligns with industry standards for dosing pumps. The PR Series introduces a novel design by incorporating 3 to 5 plungers within a single frame and crankmechanism, an approach that optimizes installation space and enhances reliability. This design is especially beneficial for the offshore sector, where space efficiency and dependability of chemical metering pumps are highly valued.

Simplex PD Plunger Pumps

Design Characteristics

The series showcases mechanical plunger return stroke and offers adjustable stroke settings from 0 - 100%, ensuring operational flexibility and a metering accuracy of better than 1% within the 10 - 100% capacity range. These fluid metering pumps maintain a required NPSH below 0.3 bar abs under standard conditions.

Liquid End Specifications

Features single or double ball-type suction and delivery valves. Standard construction material for all parts in contact with the fluid is AISI 316, with other materials available for specific fluid types. Equipped with flanged suction and discharge connections and a stuffing box with a lantern ring for flushing. Offers packing options including V or square section rings made of PTFE, neoprene, or impregnated fibers. The PD-D model is designed for extensive capacities, featuring double-acting pumping heads.

Simplex PD Diaphragm Pumps

Design Overview

This series employs hydraulically actuated double sandwich diaphragms with an intermediate vacuum chamber, representing an optimal solution for handling hazardous fluids while adhering to stringent environmental standards. Inherits the crankmechanism characteristics from the PD plunger series, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Hydraulic Circuit and Diaphragms

Incorporates a driving plunger without seals. Standard execution includes PTFE or stainless steel double diaphragms, with local or remote rupture monitoring available for enhanced safety. Features an integrated relief valve for easy maintenance and overpressure prevention, and an internal recirculation valve to manage driving fluid effectively.

Multihead PR Plunger Pumps

Series Description

The PR Series introduces triplex, quadruplex, and quintuplex configurations for high-pressure process applications, presenting a compact and efficient solution for offshore applications. Its crankmechanism is innovatively designed to accommodate multiple plungers in a compact frame, ideal for limited spaces.

Pump Configuration

Offers the possibility of coupling pumps through an orthogonal axes gearbox, allowing configurations with up to 20 pumping elements. Independent pumping heads facilitate the simultaneous dosing of various fluids, with customizable stroke adjustments for precise control.

Capacity Control Systems

Features manual control for stroke adjustment, applicable both when the pump is stopped and during operation. A special design allows for simultaneous stroke adjustment for all plungers, enhancing the flexibility of these chemical metering pumps. Capacity control can be manual or automatic, with the option for pneumatically or electrically actuated positioners.
Peroni's range of dosing and metering pumps, including chemical and fluid metering pumps, exemplify precision engineering, blending traditional and innovative designs to meet the rigorous demands of diverse environments, particularly in the offshore industry.