In the crucial fertilizer industry, urea production emerges as a critical process, integral to global agricultural productivity. This synthesis, leveraging the ammonia and carbon dioxide (CO2) reaction under high-pressure conditions, unfolds through processes such as Snamprogetti, Stamicarbon, and Urea Casale, each representing leading methodologies in urea industrial production. The sequence initiates with the formation of ammonium carbamate from ammonia and CO2, followed by its dehydration to industrial urea, necessitating robust and reliable pumping systems for efficient operation.

Plunger Pump Requirements in Urea Production

Within the urea production framework, plunger pumps are indispensable, particularly as ammonia pumps and carbamate pumps, which represent the primary reciprocating pump applications. These pumps face significant technical challenges due to the aggressive nature of the fluids, alongside the high-pressure environment typical of urea synthesis processes. Ammonia pumps are tasked with delivering ammonia at pressures conducive to the synthesis reaction, and need to solve the challenges of pumping a non-lubricating liquified gas. Carbamate pumps handle the recirculation of ammonium carbamate, a key intermediate and are challenged by the crystallizing nature of the fluid and the high pumping temperatures. Both types of urea pumps must exhibit exceptional resistance to the corrosive effects of their respective fluids, maintain operational integrity under high pressures, and ensure precise flow control to optimize the reaction process.

Additionally, the urea production process necessitates the use of wash water pumps. These pumps are critical for the removal of residual carbamate from the urea solution, a step essential for achieving the desired purity of the final product. The selection of pumps for this application must consider the need for materials resistant to corrosion and the ability to operate efficiently in the washing and purification stages of urea production.

Peroni Pompe has a long history in this sector, having supplied the first commercial ammonia pumps to the world's inaugural commercial fertilizer plant in Montecatini, Italy, in 1952. This pioneering contribution underscores Peroni's longstanding expertise and commitment to the fertilizer industry.

ammonia co2 seconda

Customer: Iowa (USA) - Service: ammonia injection - Pump: PQO 190 - Capacity: 98 m3/h – Delivery Pressure: 162 bar

ammonia co2 terza (1) (1)

Customer: Iowa (USA) - Service: carbamate injection - Pump: PQO 190 - Capacity: 78 m3/h – Delivery Pressure: 168 bar

Peroni Pompe's Solutions for the Urea Industry

Peroni Pompe's plunger pumps are engineered to address the rigorous demands of urea production. Their design ensures high-pressure capability, essential for the effective delivery of reactants and the recirculation of intermediates. Constructed from materials selected for their corrosion resistance, these pumps withstand the harsh chemical environment of urea synthesis, extending their operational lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements. The operational reliability and efficiency of Peroni pumps, coupled with their historical significance in the industry, make them a preferred choice for urea production facilities seeking dependable, high-quality pumping solutions.

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HFCL - India
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Jamuna Fertilizer Co. - Bangladesh
Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Co. - Iran
Koch Fertilizer Canada - Canada
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Neyveli Lignite Co. - India
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Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory Jilin - China
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