In the maritime industry, the shift towards marine alternative fuels has become a pivotal focus, driven by stringent environmental regulations and the global imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The prohibition of ships powered by heavy fuel oil from entering Emission Control Areas (ECAs) since 2020, alongside the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) rigorous emission limits, has propelled the search for and implementation of cleaner, sustainable fuel options. Peroni Pompe, with its advanced pumping solutions, is at the forefront of supporting this transition, offering a range of pumps designed for the efficient handling and injection of alternative marine fuels such as Methanol, Ammonia and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).


Methanol is a promising option for decarbonizing the maritime sector. Methanol is a liquid fuel that can be produced from various renewable sources, such as biomass, biogas, or hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Methanol has a lower energy density than conventional fuels, but it also has a lower flash point and viscosity, which simplifies storage and handling. Methanol can be used in dual-fuel engines with minor modifications, or in dedicated methanol engines with higher efficiency and lower emissions. Methanol combustion produces water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides, which can be further reduced by using catalytic converters or exhaust gas recirculation systems.

Service: methanol injection - Pump: Titano 31.30N triplex pump
Capacity: 3 m3/h - Delivery Pressure: 700 bar -


The maritime industry is increasingly focusing on ammonia as a potential zero-carbon fuel. When combusted, ammonia produces only water and nitrogen oxides, the latter of which can be treated using SCR catalytic converters similar to those in diesel vehicles. The key to ammonia's environmental sustainability lies in the production of "green ammonia" through renewable energy sources. Given ammonia's high toxicity and environmental hazards, the deployment of safe process technology and hermetically sealed systems is crucial.

Location: Malaysia - Service: ammonia - Pump: double diaphragm Titano 31.40M - Capacity: 10 m3/h - Delivery Pressure: 102 bar


Dual-fuel engines, capable of alternating between heavy fuel oil and gases like LPG, have emerged as a viable solution for reducing toxic exhaust emissions. LPG, a byproduct of oil and gas exploration and refining, comprises mainly propane and butane. It liquifies under normal pressure conditions at around -20°C, facilitating easier transport, storage, and cooling. Moreover, LPG's lower carbon content results in approximately 10% less CO2 emissions during combustion compared to heavy fuel oil, making it an attractive alternative for maritime propulsion.

Peroni Pompe Technical Solution

Peroni Pompe Technical Solution Peroni offers tailored configurations that meet the specific requirements of alternative fuels:

- minimal footprint and simple design
- wide range of RPM and flow adjustment - zero leak thanks to Peroni’s patented Dedalo seal, which prevents leaks to the atmosphere without auxiliary tanks, pumps or oil barriers
- no need for forced lubrication or cooling, reducing complexity and costs
- designed for purging with inert gases, enabling safe emergency shut downs and maintenance
- design suitable for shipboard use (class society), complying with the highest standards of quality and reliability Peroni Pompe's solutions are built on a foundation of reliability, efficiency, and safety, addressing the maritime industry's need for technology that supports the use of marine alternative fuels.

The company's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that its pumping solutions meet the highest standards of performance and environmental compliance, contributing to the global effort to reduce maritime emissions.


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