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In the detergents and soaps industry, precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process are crucial, especially during the spray drying phase where liquid detergent slurry is transformed into dry powder form. This critical phase relies on the performance of specialized pumping systems for effective spray tower feeding. Peroni Pompe offers advanced pumping solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of this sector, drawing on its extensive expertise in soap and detergent manufacturing.

Pumping Systems in Spray Drying for Detergent and Soap Production

Spray drying is a fundamental process in producing powdered detergents and soaps, involving the atomization of detergent slurry into fine droplets within a spray tower. These droplets are then rapidly dried using heated air, resulting in a fine powder. The success of this process hinges on the consistent and precise delivery of the slurry to the spray tower, necessitating pumps that can operate under high pressures and handle the abrasive nature of the slurry without compromising performance.

Detergent & Soap - Peroni Pompe

Location: Detergent Plant (Syria) Service: Detergent Slurry - Pump: Titano 31.30 Pump - Capacity: 8 m3/h - Discharge pressure: 100 bar

Technical Specifications for Pumps in the Chemistry of Soaps and Detergents Manufacturing

Pumps used in the chemistry of soaps and detergents manufacturing must meet several critical technical specifications to ensure optimal operation of spray towers.

High-Pressure Capability:

Effective atomization of the detergent slurry requires pumps that can deliver the slurry at pressures typically ranging from 50 to 250 bar, ensuring fine droplet formation and uniform drying.

Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance:

The chemical composition of detergents necessitates the use of materials resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the abrasive properties of the slurry demand designs that minimize wear, extending the lifespan of the pumps and their components.

Precise Flow Regulation:

The quality of the final powdered product is directly influenced by the ability to accurately control the flow rate of the slurry into the spray tower, necessitating pumps with precise flow control capabilities.

Peroni Pompe's Role in Detergent and Soap Chemistry

Since 1968, Peroni Pompe has been a leader in developing pumping technologies for the detergent and soap industry, introducing a specialized hydraulic head designed for the efficient transport of detergent slurry to dryers in production plants.
Today, Peroni's Titano and PTO/PQO/PSO series pumps represent decades of experience, designed to meet the comprehensive needs of any plant size in the soap and detergent manufacturing industry.
Peroni Pompe's pumps are distinguished by several key features that make them ideally suited for the demands of the detergents and soaps industry: engineered for Low Wear and Longevity: Utilizing materials and design principles specifically chosen to combat the abrasive wear from detergent slurries, Peroni pumps ensure reduced maintenance needs and extended service life.
Optimized for high efficiency and reduced energy consumption: These pumps are engineered to deliver optimal performance, thereby lowering operational costs and enhancing the sustainability of production processes.
Adaptable and Precise Flow Control: The capability to finely adjust the pump's flow rate allows for meticulous control over the spray drying process, ensuring the production of high-quality detergent powders.

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