Residue upgrading and gasification

Residue upgrading and gasification are critical processes in transforming low-value hydrocarbons into more valuable and usable forms. Peroni Pompe has been instrumental in these areas, collaborating with leading technologies such as Axens - H-Oil, Chevron Lummus Global - LC-Finer for residue upgrading, and GE – Chevron Texaco and Shell for gasification projects. The company’s pumps are specifically designed to support the rigorous demands of converting residues and coal into syngas or liquid fuels, vital for the gasification and residue upgrading technology sectors.

Engineered Plunger Pumps for High-Demand Applications

Understanding the extreme conditions prevalent in gasification and residue upgrading, Peroni's plunger pumps are specifically designed to meet these challenges. These applications demand equipment that can handle significant pressures, elevated temperatures, and abrasive materials without faltering. Peroni's pumps are engineered to manage fluids laden with solids, withstand temperatures up to 450 °C, and ensure consistent, reliable operation, a necessity for applications like direct reactor feed or catalyst slurry transport.

Unique TDR Thermal Displacement Recovery Hydraulic End

A hallmark of Peroni's engineering expertise is the TDR (Thermal Displacement Recovery) hydraulic end, a design uniquely suited to address the thermal expansion challenges inherent in gasification and residue upgrading processes. This innovative liquid end solution has been refined over decades, embodying Peroni’s commitment to technical excellence and reliability. The TDR design facilitates the pump's adaptation to thermal expansion of construction materials, ensuring operational integrity and efficiency even under the most demanding conditions. Other equipment such as maintenance free pulsation dampeners are carefully engineered to minimize temperature shocks and to accommodate thermal expansion.

Location: Cagliari (IT) - Capacity:53 m3/h - Delivery pressure: 54 bar - Pump: PTO 3/160 - Service: Gasifier charge pump - Fluid: Charge oil

Residues Upgrading - Peroni Pompe

Location: Korea - Service: Catalyst Transport Oil in a residue upgrading process - Pump: Titano 31.30 Triplex Pump - Capacity: 5 m3/h - Delivery pressure: 215 bar Temperature: 229° C

Supporting Coal Liquefaction with Technical Expertise

Peroni's expertise extends to the coal industry, where its pumps play a crucial role in coal liquefaction – a process converting a wet stream of coal into liquid fuel. This capability is pivotal for the production of synthetic fuels via processes such as Synfuels / Fischer-Tropsch and Axens’ H-Coal. Tailored to meet the unique demands of coal liquefaction, including high pressure and very high solids content (size and percentage by weight), Peroni's pumps address the industry's technical challenges, ensuring effective and reliable operation.

China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corp.- China
CNTIC Nanjing Co. - China
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ExxonMobil Chemical Company - USA
ExxonMobil Singapore - Singapore
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North West Redwater Partnership - Canada
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Pemex Refinacion - Mexico
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POSCO - South Korea
Sarlux - Italy
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Singapore Syngas - Singapore
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Synfuels China Engineering Co. - China
TAIF-NK – Russia
Thai Oil – Thailand
Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company - China
Zhejiang Petroleum & Chamical Co. , Ltd. - China
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