Peroni Pompe’s production range includes Plunger Pumps, Steam Driven Pumps, Process Diaphragm Pumps, Metering Pumps.

Plunger Pumps (API 674)

High-pressure pumps utilizing reciprocating motion of plungers and one-way check valves to transfer fluid, generating high pressure downstream of the pump.

Steam Driven Pumps (API 674)

Reciprocating pumps propelled by steam pressure, typically employed in high-capacity applications where electric power isn't readily accessible.

Process Diaphragm Pumps

Multi-cylinder pumps utilizing a flexible double diaphragm between the plungers and the process fluid, completely preventing leaks into the atmosphere.

Metering Pumps (API 675)

Precision pumps designed to convey precise volumes of liquid over specified time intervals, ensuring accurate, repeatable, and adjustable flow rates.

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