In the nuclear industry, there is no margin for error. Equipment reliability is paramount because the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. This necessitates the use of robust and fail-safe engineering solutions, particularly in the systems that handle critical operations within nuclear reactors.

Applications of Plunger Pumps in the Nuclear Industry

Plunger pumps are integral in various high-stakes applications within nuclear power plants:

- Boric Acid Solution Injection into the reactor
- Emergency System Feeds
- Hydraulic Pressure Testing
- Emergency Reactor Cooling
-Cryogenic Applications for Shutdown Systems

End user: ENEL - Location: Trino Vercellese (Italy) - Service: Steam Generator Feeding - Pump: PTO 160 Triplex Reciprocating Pump - Liquid: Demineralized water - Capacity: 34 m3/h - Delivery Pressure: 85 bar

Peroni Pompe for the Nuclear Industry

Industry Experienced: Peroni's technology was integrated into nuclear power plants at the onset of Italian nuclear industry, providing high-pressure plunger pumps that ensure safety and efficiency in extreme conditions.

Standards: Peroni adheres to a suite of rigorous standards to meet the unique demands of the nuclear sector, including ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, KTA 1401 specific to nuclear safety, and other relevant norms and certifications like OIT and HAF 604, ensuring their products meet the highest international safety and quality benchmarks.

By delivering highly specialized pump solutions that conform to stringent safety and operational standards, Peroni reinforces its role as a critical supplier of choice in the nuclear power generation.

Enel - Trino Vercellese - Italy


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